Monday, 30 September 2013

#161 [Memory Monday]

One of the many things I love about our church is the social side of it. Even now we are currently planning for all the Christmas stuff coming up and then a Murder Mystery Night in the New Year. A couple of years ago we did a fancy dress disco, which gave us the chance to pick a costume and dress up!

I know some people really do not like Fancy Dress, but I think it's fun and we definitely enjoyed our evening.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 29 September 2013


Preparing for my new job has included going through the Next catalog and pagemarking things - it's been quite fun! I'm not entirely sure how the 'working wear' works yet, but there's no harm in looking right?

Obviously it has to be the latest collection, and I'm hoping everything I've highlighted will be included. I read somewhere that it's 75% off for work wear so that's just an added bonus!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Today marks my last day at Thyme, which kind of makes me sad but also very excited for the future! I'm not sure I will really miss the work, the thought of never making another cup of coffee doesn't send me into deep depressing, but I will definitely miss the people. My favourite customers got me a goodbye card, which was so sweet! We have spent the evening in a typically boring way, just how I like it. I painted my nails, watche
d some Gilmore Girls and then X Factor. Rebecca thought it would be funny to play Chubby Bunny, but with grapes instead. She is a weird one!

She was quite successful to be fair.

Until tomorrow. Goodbye x

Friday, 27 September 2013


Never have I ever come home and found Watson on my windowsill before! There have been many weird places, but for some reason he had never chosen that spot...until today.

He is strange.

And I do realise it is a shame that my life has got to the point where now the only photos I take are of food and my cat [my phone is testimony to that]. But hopefully when I start work next week my life will become a little more interesting. One thing I have got back into recently has been listening to music. It's been nice to listen to old stuff for the nostalgia factor, but also finding some new bands has been cool too!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 26 September 2013


So today was meant to be my induction a Next, however they have delayed it till next Wednesday. I don't mind too much, because it means they have a couple of days extra to get ready, but it would have been nice to start today and just get on with starting work! To fill my day instead, I just watched loooots of Gilmore Girls...and what a good way to waste time it was too!

I'm now nearing the end of Season 3, swiftly working though it! It's funny how we pretty much watched it from start to finish, multiple times when it was on e4, however there are still some episodes that I have never seen before. I'm now off to bed to watch some more - I don't think I'm hooked just yet!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Tonight was another fun evening with the Risky Fish chums, after a very uneventful day. I made some cupcakes earlier which is probably the most productive thing I've done this week! 

I've also failed at trying to get my body clock back to a semi normal time to sleep/wake up. I'm torn between preparing for Monday's early start and just enjoying the time off I have left,

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x


Chilling with my favourite cat-friend whilst watching Great British Bake Off - makes for a good evening! 

I'm now off to bed quite early to try and sort my body clock out before I start work properly next week!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 23 September 2013

#154 [Memory Monday]

I don't even remember when this was taken, but I do know that it was a while ago because we all look young! Pretty sure this was probably near the start of when I became friends with Abi, which seems crazy seeing as she is now one of my best friends.

Awww the baby faces!

It's so funny looking back at old photos and seeing how much people have changed, in the way they look and what they wear. I know I changed most near the end of secondary school, and probably still am changing. When it comes to fashion I always change my opinions, like to wear something a little bit different, not really one to be a sheep. It always makes me weirdly pleased when Rebecca turns round and says she really doesn't like something I've bought. It's nice to know you have your own style! Except for all those outfits from the past, which at the time you thought were 'quirky' when actually they were just wrong.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 22 September 2013


One of my favorite things to do, and something we often got told off for in primary school assembly's, is playing with people's hair. By this of course I mean girls, and it's always nice if their hair is really long, as you can just do more stuff! Rebecca's hair at the moment is at a great length, so whilst watching X Factor tonight I enjoyed just messing around with it a bit. These were the results...

The first one being the classic fish plait, which I find far more fun and easier to do than something like a french plait. And then the second one I just thought it would look nice for an up-do, but unfortunately didn't have any bobby-pins downstairs to secure it! She is like my living dolls head.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Today is a joggers kind of day. After a crazy day at work, after having 2 weeks off was pretty tiring and I've just been chilling since I got home!

Some evenings that's just what you need, and seeing as I have another early start tomorrow I don't think it will be long till I go to bed either.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 20 September 2013


Today has been a good day! Yesterday afternoon/evening, me and Dad finally sat down and looked at phone contracts as my current one had run out. It all ended up being very quick and easy, after being on hold for almost an hour, but it was all worth it in the end. I've been wanting to get an iphone for while so we looked at contracts for the iphone 5, and managed to do a deal with o2. Expecting it to turn up on Monday like the man said, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the door bell ring at 9 this morning, with my phone in the post! And basically all I've done today is play with it...

As pretty much everyone and their mum knows, ios7 has just been launched this week so I had to download that and lots of other things. I'm now on instagram [ndonnedavis] and have all my other social bits on there, including blogger. Which will make blogging that much easier - wohooo! My network doesn't actually start till Monday, so for now I have two fancy!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 19 September 2013


This week I have been keeping myself entertained by enjoying a pastime of mine - watching Gilmore Girls! Everyday after school me and Alex would come home and watch it; Mum enjoyed it so much she bought all of the series on box set. It's funny watching it back because there are some episodes I clearly missed and have never seen before. It's definitely helping in tackling the boredom before I start work!

Series one

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Tonight was a lovely evening having a goold old catch up with the girls and was nice to see Beckii as she has been away in America. She bought us each back a little gift, which was sweet of her, of which she bought me another lipstick [she knows me too well]. For someone who does not wear that much make-up on a daily basis, it may be surprising how much of an interest I take in it; I'd say I'm more interested in it, than I am actually putting it on my face. Which is why I think owning this many lipsticks is stupid...

Kate by Rimmel London ¦  Maybelline New York ¦ Topshop ¦ Revlon ¦ MUA

Don't get me wrong, I love it, I could quite happily double this collection if I had the money to do it. And I also know that for some people it will not seem like a lot. But I just find it amusing that I have this many lipsticks, especially as probably about 4 of them are the same shade, and yet I could quite happily buy more. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have money!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I cannot wait to save up some money and buy a new laptop, so that evenings like tonight don't happen again!

My Risky Fish backgound, Rebecca's Youtuber's background!

A while back me and Alex both needed new laptops, so Dad kindly bought us some. They weren't that great, they weren't new, but they were laptops all the same. Alex has of course moved on to greater things, and had the discipline to save up for one, where as I am still stuck on my Toshiba. I now have his one which is slightly better off than mine [it hasn't been dropped] but is still not that great. I don't think I go a day without a blue screen - hurray! It's also really annoying as I have to still use the itunes on my original laptop [which Rebecca has now inherited] so evenings like this happen...not ideal. Hopefully when I get some more money I will be encouraged to save it, and splurge on a much nicer laptop - I can dream!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 16 September 2013

#147 [Memory Monday]

I've just been looking back at my timeline on Facebook, and found some hilarious things! This picture being one of them, which was from Matt's 16th birthday party - Me and Lucy look great!

I think we were in the middle of musical islands and clearly we were winning! I remember it being refreshingly fun to have a whole afternoon of children's party games. Not so funny when Lucy banged her head on the radiator, and Lauren was told she had 'fat hands'!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 15 September 2013


The house seems very quiet this evening, as we are now down to 4 people! We dropped Alex off at uni this morning, after driving down to Surrey yesterday for a friend's 5th birthday party. It's very weird to think that he won't be around the house until Christmas, but I'm definitely looking forward to going up and possibly visiting him over the next year, and pop into London too. When we got home the house was rather cold, Autumn has definitely set in, so the heating is now on! Watson decided to find the best spot in my room, which is under my desk in my bag basket.

I think if I was small enough, I might have joined him too! In a way I'm really dreading winter coming, I'm not a massive fan of the cold, and generally have lower spirits in the darker months. However along with that comes lots of lovely new fashion, candles, yummy food and eventually Christmas. So once I've mourned summer, I think I'm ready to move on and get prepared for those cold, clear mornings and wrapping up warm.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 13 September 2013


So I've been really bad at posting lately, it's mainly down to big life changes, a bit of a manic end to the summer and just a lack of routine. However I'm now getting my life sorted again, and am going to try and get this thing up and running! We're currently in the period of time when everyone is leaving for university, and although none of my close girl friends are going, Matt left yesterday to go and study at Manchester, and we are dropping Alex of in Epsom tomorrow. So tonight we went out for a 'last meal' with the Greenlands to celebrate [yet another food post from me!].

We went to the Beefeater, and I had paprika chicken with lots of sides, and then apple crumble pie for pudding which was yummy! The service wasn't great and it turned into quite a long meal, but that's okay when you are in good company. 

Another bit of exciting news this week is that I now have a job - woohooooooo! I got called for an interview on Wednesday for the following day, so went along yesterday and ended up getting the job. It's exactly what I had been looking for, and I'm really looking forward to starting later in the month!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 9 September 2013

#144 [Memory Monday]

I love the opportunity to look back at old photos, and I often find myself sticking on some tunes and rummaging through the photos on my laptop. I found this picture the other day, and it does not feel long ago at all, it was from Matt's 18th birthday, and I still remember tit like it was yesterday.

Love that flash!

Matt definitely celebrated his birthday in style, nothing crazy and stupid, but a lot of fun! On the Saturday we went to a local common and played widegames with all of his school friends and our church friends, then we came back and had a house party. It was one of the best days I have ever had, and it was fun to meet all of Matt's school friends, because he had pretty much hidden me up until that point. There were so many memorable moments from that night, failing to play fifa, breaking the lounge floor by too many people dancing, bit of limbo and dancing until 5am - it was just so much fun! It was lovely to get to know all of the guys as well. I then went round on his actual birthday and celebrated with the family, which was when this lovely photo was taken. I actually don't think it's a bad photo...shame about our eyes!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Today has been a day full of quite a lot of things. I woke up and ended up having a stressful hour and being a bit behind for church, but got there in the end! We then went straight to the Grandparents for lunch, then round a friend's house with friends for tea and then back round the Greenland's house to watch X Factor. It's been a nice sociable day full of lots of food! I had a friend join me on the sofa earlier whilst we were watching TV...

Unfortunately it's not a very good photo, but Max looked too sweet to not take a photo! This week includes seeing everyone before they leave for university, and everyone going back to school and work. I however still wait on possible job opportunities and decisions to be made!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 6 September 2013


Tonight was a momentous evening, marking the completion of Matthew's CD wall; totalling 105 CDs, all nicely arranged and displayed on his wall. I don't remember when we started it, but I remember him telling me his idea, and we've updated it multiple times since then.

I think it is very impressive for someone to have that many CDs and I think it looks pretty awesome too! We're now chilling and watching the England game...not my choice!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I've had my hair chopped again!

I get so easily bored when it comes to my hair, so whenever I go back to our hairdresser I always seem to have a very different style than before. Last September I also decided to get quite a lot cut off, and earlier this year I had a full fringe put in. I just don't seem to have much attachment to my hair, so I enjoy getting it cut off. I know a lot of people grow their hair for years, but mine grows quickly anyway I don't have to bother. I'm most looking forward to having a different style going into a/w!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x


I had a snoop round the charity shops after work on Saturday, as I  hadn't done so in a while, and I went into hospice care and picked up a few bits. I saw a top for my mum which I thought she might like, I got a scarf which is your typical square shape with a vintage floral pattern on it and I also picked up a handbag. It's very similar to a previous one I've had, same style and colour leather, just slightly smaller. It wasn't until the next day I had a look at the engraving on the buckle of the strap that I noticed something very random/funny...

It has my name on the weird! I hadn't even noticed that there was anything on there in the first place, let along my name. I just thought it was really funny, especially as I like the bag so much! I do like a good charity shop find.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 2 September 2013

#139 [Memory Monday]

Is it a common thing to have those friends who take photos, and really good ones at that, but they never share them anywhere, so you don't see them till months/years after. I do, and the other night I saw this photo for the first time and thought it was really nice. It was from Bonfire night [hence the fire in the background] last year, and it's the sort of photo that makes me accept that autumn/winter is coming and that it may be an okay thing!

Reuben, Josh, Abi, Beckii, Alex, Sean, Adam, Me
Although summer will always be my favourite month, I do kinda feel excited for the next season, with the fashion and trends that get introduced and the clear, frosty mornings. I'm sure it will fly by and soon we'll be at scary!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x