Saturday, 31 August 2013


Mum, Dad and Rebecca bought me back a present from London, bit random and I'm not sure where I'll put them, but definitely cute.

They are salt and pepper shakers in the style of a classic London Bus. I hope no-one would actually buy these to use, as I won't be, but they may find a spot on my dressing table. 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 30 August 2013


Since being away at Newday, having Matt home and then going camping again, any structure in my life has kind of been lost. So remembering to take pictures and upload them has been a bit flukey, however I am going to try and get back on track with a picture a day. These next few weeks are going to consist of getting the boys ready for uni and saying goodbye to them [sad times] and then hopefully finding myself a job! However currently it's just been nice to chill at home with the chummys, especially as Me and Alex have had the house to ourselves the last few days. Here are some nice food-y shots from yesterday and today:

Pasta bake whilst watching Adjustment Bureau 

A very keen Matthew for the fry-up, made by his wonderful girlfriend

My yummy lunch - yes boy
It's been nice the last couple of days to have a bit of independance and decide what we want to eat, and I enjoy making it too. It's just the washing up I don't like, however the dishwasher has been on every night!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


So this weekend our family and lots of others from our church went to a local christian conference called Westpoint. For us it is handy as it is held just down the road, in Exeter, which means short travel and a means to come back and shower. I wouldn't normally come home as I don't find camping that bad, however I actually had to work for two of the days. The internet wasn't great whilst we were there, as you had to pay some silly amount for it, so I didn't get the chance to upload any photos. So once again I thought I'd do a collective one, with lots of photos. If you like to see in more detail what we got up to, then you can watch my brothers video of the weekend.

My tent-chum for the weekend

Westpoint Arena

Matt and one of his mini-friends

Listening to some Guvna B

Rebecca doesn't like to be seen with Matt - who could dislike that face!

 It was such a good weekend, caught up with some friends I don't get to see that often and great to see what all the other churches have been up to. Makes me excited for the next few years!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


So just as I was leaving the ice cream shop today I thought that I should probably take a picture before I eat it all. However because it was rushed, the photo isn't in focus. Oh well.

Strawberry Cheesecake

I met up with Lucy, Lauren and Matt for an ice cream in the sun and a catch up which was lovely. Don't think I've seen these girls in like a month, so it was really good to see them, especially as Lucy will be going off to uni soon. Apart from that I haven't really done a lot today, edited one of Beckii's videos and failed at packing. Tomorrow we are off camping for the weekend, so I don't know how successful I will be in getting photos up, but I am going to try.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Today I enjoyed a lovely lunch with the girls, down at the new Wetherspoons in town. I, of course, went for a salad because I just love it so much, and apparently am incapable of ordering anything else. It was really yummy and even though it didn't look like a lot, it filled me up.

Club salad - yeah buddy

It was lovely to have a catch up, and an added bonus to have a nice lunch that wasn't too expensive!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Sooo today has been another weird one. I had such a fun morning helping out in the kids work at church, seriously some of the stuff they come up with is just genius. But then for the rest of the day I've been feeling a bit ill and tired, so have just been chilling in my room. Something that I'm enjoying doing, and spending a lot of time doing, at the moment is watching The SacconeJoly's on Youtube! 

Late night photo = bad lighting = orange tinge

For those who don't know who they are, they are a family who do daily vlogs of their everyday life, which may seem very boring but there is something really nice and entertaining about watching a family everyday; filming their most important days along with just the average ones too. Because I've come in a bit late, I decided to start watching from when Emilia was born and I am working my way up to present day, which is rather a lot of videos. They seem like the nicest family, and she is such a cute baby, they I just find the hours just dissapear after I watch another video, and another video...etc.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x


For the first 7 months of this year I was deprived of doing one of my favourite things, having a night in with the boyfriend and family, and watching a film! So tonight was just lovely.
This evenings choice of film was 'Wimbledon', not that new but still quite good; we were all cracking up at the cheese-y one liners. But BY FAR the best part of the film, and moment of my day to be honest, was when one of the characters turned out to be played by Austin Nichols, who plays Julian in One Tree Hill! I had a real fan girl moment, and I think I scared Matt - sorry! Seriously made my day though. After that, Matt wanted to win some points back so I took a photo of him and said I would have it as my picture for today.

Blah blah blah

He didn't really request to be the picture for today, but I thought he may as well be. I took this snap whilst he was phoning his dad to check that they were recording Match of the Day...some things never change! Even though I have to properly go 'out', I can safely say that I already know I'm going to prefer spending my evenings in at home. It was lovely to have a proper chin-wag with Matt, just such a nice night.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 16 August 2013


Whilst shopping today we stopped to take some photos of the Gorilla's that have become some-what part of a 'treasure hunt' around the city. I know Bristol have got their version with the Gromit hunt, and it's really nice to see that Exeter and the surrounding area is taking part in a similar kind of idea.

The Great Gorillas Trail consists of 50 gorillas, that have individually been painted and scattered across the "English Riviera and Exeter". I really like the idea of going and trying to find as many as you can, especially with all the different designs on each one.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Today has been a very weird day, that's the only way I can describe it.
It was d-day for most people, getting their A level results, to find out whether they had got into uni or not. For me it was less important as I haven't applied for uni, so I was stuck between not minding and not wanting to be disappointed. I think I found an okay balance, and I have ended up with CCD. For some people they would be very upset and for others it would be really good to just pass, and that's why I've now come to conclude that A levels aren't for everybody. I'm just glad that I know that my plan has already been set out, and I can trust in that and not have to worry [so much]. Also, I didn't do as horrendously as I thought I did!

But anyway, just to make the day a little bit better I went and got a Chai Latte from Boston Tea Party - it definitely helped. Also having Matthew drive me in made the day a lot better, definitely do not appreciate that boy enough. 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Quite possibly the cutest cat in the world!

I was going to do a picture of the film we watched tonight which was The Hurt Locker, but I thought it was too depressing, and this picture is a lot more fun! You can tell we really love our cats. 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So today started off as another average day, and then I started to feel ill, because I had just been staring at my laptop all day, so I decided I actually needed to get up. So, I showered, had a bit of a late lunch, went to Tesco with mamma and then came back and taught myself how to play the keyboard. Random, right?

Watson ¦ Scrambled egg on a bagel ¦ Keyboard fun

One of my biggest regrets in life so far is not learning an instrument. I mean, I know how to play the recorder, but that hardly counts! We've always had the keyboard lying around in the house, and Rebecca has been playing with it over the last few days. So early I decided to steal it from her and watched some youtube videos and what-not and managed to teach myself pretty much all the basic chords. I'm no where near to being able 'to play the keyboard' but I can bust out some 1D and Bastille. It's probably the most productive day I have had in a while!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x  

Monday, 12 August 2013

#127 [Memory Monday]

This time last year we were either in France or about to go; the best thing about it was the guarantee of sun!

It really does not feel like it was a year ago, oh how time flies. It's funny to look back at the pictures as that was a couple of weeks before I cut a lot of my hair off, and it looks so long. I don't think I appreciated that at the time. It was definitely a nice sunny holiday, although this year we've had enough sun in Britain to keep me happy.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Let's go to the beach-each, let's go get away...

So following on from appropriate sunny activities over the last few days, today we went down to the beach for a BBQ and some volleyball. It was a touch cloudy when we got there, but it soon brightened up. We had a lot of fun, and I'm pretty sure I brought half the beach home in my bag - sand gets everywhere!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Saturday, 10 August 2013


So today consisted of a very mundane work shift, town was desserted, and then an interesting evening out! We went out to see 'Twelth Night' [a Shakespeare play for those who don't know] and it was open air, and interactive. By that I mean that we moved round the scenes, by going to different parts of the garden where it was performed. I have never been to anything like it, and although I was ready to be a passive audience member when I arrived, the chance to stretch your legs during the play was actually quite enjoyable. They had decked out the whole garden in tea lights in jars, and I attempted to get a rushed picture at the end, however they didn't turn out very well.

That was the best of the bunch...and it's not even that great! The garden did look lovely, and the evening was most enjoyable.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 9 August 2013


Friday nights are always the best to stay in, eat food and watch films, which is exactly what we did tonight! I offered to make tea, because I'm an awesome daughter, and Mum and Dad were out, so of course we had fajitaaas!

Not only is it really tasty but it also is really easy to make - win! We enjoyed our food whilst watching '17again' which has the lovely Zac Efron in it. And now I'm off to bed as I actually have to get up for work in morning, haven'y done that in a while, how strange.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 8 August 2013


So tonight was thoroughly enjoyable; it's evenings like this that make me extra happy to have Matt back! 

A posey Matthew ¦ Crowd ¦ Seafront

We went down to Sidmouth to catch the Friday evening scene of Folk Week, where we enjoyed a good old dance at Dukes with the Mamma Stones house band playing some tuunnes. Before that we had a walk along the seafront, having a good old natter and attempting not to spend any money [because neither of us has any to spare]. We met up with Matt's auntie and cousin as well which was really nice to see them again! It was just a really fun evening and it meant I got out of the house so that's a plus.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x


I think this week is going to consist of lazy days, however I did actually get out of of the house for he first time today! Me, Rebecca and Mum just went to a local harvest store and cafe. We sat outside enjoyed a drink, but we weren't so keen on the wasps that were flying around!

The view is so nice, and the weather has finally perked up so it was nice to sit outside. Because it stayed nice we went round to a friends house and has a BBQ which was lovely!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Today has been a nothing-ness day, all I have done is catch up on YouTube videos, watch some films, chilled in bed and not a lot else. The most productive thing I did was shower [finally] and paint my nails!

On my wrist ¦ Nails ¦ Watson just woken up
I think the last couple of days all I've needed to do is catch up on sleep and just relax, which is exactly what I've done. I'm still a little bit ill so it's been a nice to chill with Watson. I don't think it fully hit me until today though, that I really have not got much planned for the rest of the summer, and for what every comes after that. The only other big thing coming up is Together at Westpoint which is in a couple of weeks, and the rest is going to be trying to see Matt before he goes of to Uni and the start of the job search. I really need to plan some more stuff to keep me occupied!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 5 August 2013


I'm back after a week of many laughs, not much sleep and lots of memories made. Newday 2013 was an awesome week, I had such a great time and looking through all the pictures has been really nice today.

Me and Tara on the coach ¦ Big Top ¦ Guy, Matt and Dan ¦ Tara, Adam and Me
Ice School Musical Ice Cream ¦ Me, Matt and Beckii ¦ Sean ¦ Big Top
Risky Fish t-shirts

Me and Matt ¦ Abi in Global Cafe ¦ Alex in the Big Top ¦ The boys

The journey was pretty easy, about 7 hours but it really did not feel that long. For the most of the journey we listened to music through Matt's earphone splitter and had a good sing-a-long. Just as we arrived at the showground it then chucked it down, which was not a very promising start and the weather did remain very random throughout the week. We'd be playing volleyball in the hot sunshine and then be running for the marque as it began to rain. The meetings were of course top-notch as well, the worship was good with lots of new songs and the preaching was very thought-provoking. The 2 guest speakers were definitely the best we heard during the week, both hilarious with awesome testimonies. And on Thursday night seeing so many young people respond to the preach and become Christians and loads of people healed was just amazing! I think the main thing I got out of the week was just remembering that God is good! I'm now thankful to be back in my bed with the assurance that there is toilet roll in the bathroom! Also very excited to see what God has planned next...

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x