Sunday, 30 June 2013


This weekend has been a busy but awesome one, and I did not get the chance to do a post yesterday due to birthday celebrations so I thought I'd make a bigger, combined one.
The fam ¦ Mum and Rebecca ¦ Some of my lovely birthday presents ¦ Cake ¦ Lauren and Lucy

Abifail, Me and Pooper ¦ Cupcakes ¦ Flowers ¦ Me in the garden ¦ Birthday sunglasses

This weekend has been full of so many fun moments, which I'm sure I will remember for a good while! We were very lucky to have the sun come out over the weekend; not too sure what we would have done if it had rained! It was so nice to celebrate surrounded by all my favourite people - I feel very blessed. There was only one person missing today, but the card I received in the post definitely made up for it! Thoroughly enjoyed myself and now feeling very ready to sleep until Thursday. 

I am now an adult...what a scary thought.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 28 June 2013


This has definitely been the most proactive day I've had in a while! Me and Phoebe have been busy making cupcakes [they didn't turn out too well], then we made food for tea, keeping up with Wimbledon and then down to the beach for the evening.

We are very blessed in our youth group to have some very expert fire builders. I joke, but the Scott-Perry family are a god-send when it comes to anything outdoors-y. We went down to a local beach and managed to find a pretty good spot for our bonfire. We had some yummy, toasted marshmallows, and kept warm by throwing round some tennis balls. A thoroughly enjoyable evening; it's just a shame the sun was a no-show!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Holidays are made for sleeping in till 11:30am and just watching tennis all day - right?

I've literally done nothing today so I did not know what to get a photo of. But Watson was being really cute earlier; he fell asleep leaning against my jumper like it was a cushion and it just looked so human. My days this week are consisting of watching Wimbledon, all day everyday, which in my opinion has been so good!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


My next few days are going to consist of editing some of Beckii's videos that we filmed today; I'm glad I have something to keep me busy.

Filming and editing Beckii's videos have been keeping me busy for the last few weeks as I had 3 to edit, export and upload which takes a while to do because my laptop isn't too great. However it keeps me occupied and I enjoy doing it! Check out Beckii's youtube channel at

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Another fun and tiring day with Miss Lauren.

The plan for today was to take the money I earnt last week and spend it - that bit wasn't hard. We went to Bill's for an early lunch/brunch which was so yummy and kept us fueled for the shopping that lay ahead. I had a pretty full list of things I needed to pick up, mostly for this weekend and birthday related. I also got my most recent piercings changed which was good because I had been wanting to do that for a while. Me and Lauren also ventured into Bubble Bubble Tea which was a very weird experience; drinking tea that didn't taste like tea and was apple flavoured, and had strange bubbles in the bottom. It was just odd.
I had such a fun day overall, and was utterly pooped when I got back.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 24 June 2013

#85 [Memory Monday]

It's so strange to think that it was 2 years ago that we left school and we were all getting excited for prom. There were so many lovely pictures taken from that night it's so hard to just pick one.

Sam, Ash, Tara, Me, Amy, Nessa, Laura, Emma, Cathrine, Sarah

I have to go for a group though, which has most of us in it! Although it may look like it, we didn't really go for a blue-purple colour scheme...with me being the only one who didn't get the memo! It just happened that we all seemed to like the same sort of colours. Prom is the only time in school where you get the chance to dress up, and even though it isn't as serious as in the US, it still had some level of formality. It was really nice to see everyone dressed up, all the guys in their suits and all the girls in their beautiful dresses. Mine was made by a family friend and I was so pleased at how it turned out; it's just a shame I will never get the chance to wear it again. This was definitely a one-off evening, and one that will be remembered mainly for after-prom where I got a total of about 1 hour sleep [if that]. We had a lot of laughs, and it was the perfect way to finish off 5 years.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x 

Sunday, 23 June 2013


What a better way to spend a rainy day than to go cycling along the quay...or not.

Whilst we let the boys go cycling we decided to have a look round the shops in town and then came back to have a cuppa as they were making their way back. I do enjoy riding a bike, but more for leisure, and I know all the guys would have taken it seriously - I wasn't up for that. We then went to 'On the Waterfront' for some food [2nd time this week - bit excessive] which was fab. I had the chicken burger, and I can safely say that I was stuffed, and still feel full writing this 2 hours later. It's a shame the weather wasn't great, but still had a jolly time!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Saturday, 22 June 2013


It's becoming a little bit more real now that college is done when putting everything I've learnt over the last 2 years in one bin bag - it's rather heavy.


Today was honestly the busiest day we have ever had at work on a Saturday, in the 2 years I've been there - it was crazy! It's not like everything was going wrong and it was a mess, it was instead just a constant flow of people coming into the shop so that we didn't get a chance to stop. However I am not complaining, because I'd much rather that than be stood round for hours doing nothing.

Shocking lighting

So of course all I wanted to do when I got back was just chill and watch films. Netflix is generally good for TV series' but can be a little dodge on the film front, but I wanted to find one that I hadn't seen before. I settled for 'The Rebound' because it had Justin Bartha playing the lead male and he is one of my favourite actors. It was a nice film, quite funny in places and was definitely good for filling an evening. This week has felt like forever and I'm definitely looking forward to some sleep now!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 21 June 2013


What a fun day making a rustic Victoria sponge - yum!

Me and Abifail both thought it would be fun to do some baking, and we decided to make it simple and make a classic Victoria sponge. We followed the Mary Berry recipe and it was so easy to make and really yummy as well. It went perfectly with a good cup of tea and a good natter! Love having a good catch-up with that girl.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Sometimes when I come into my room and Watson isn't in here I feel something is missing, but when he's being so noisy like this morning it drives me insane. You just can't win.

I don't think I've known a cat to be so darn loud, especially in the mornings. It will always be my room he wants to get into as well, so he sits outside my door meowing. And then this morning he just plonked himself down right next to me before running off and trying to get on my wardrobe. I'm pretty sure he's bipolar or something. Make up your mind you silly cat!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Today has been lovely; I'm getting into the swing of this holiday!

The gals ¦ Chicken Caesar Salad ¦ Me and Lauren

My days have been turning out pretty good since exams finished. Today I had a nice relaxing morning, then went off to work for the lunch time, met up with Hannah for a catch-up, came home and chilled again and then went out for the evening. Today we went out for Nessa and Amy's 18th birthday meal, which was so nice! The food was yummy and the sun decided to show up so it was lovely and warm. I can't believe that I am now the only one who isn't 18 [11 days to go!]. 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 17 June 2013


I have finished exaaaaaaaaams - education is done! And today has just been awesome. The morning part we can miss out; the exam went okay but was not enjoyable. You kind of forget about it when it's your last one! Then a spot of shopping didn't go amiss, where we found the birthday present that my grandparents are going to give me. And then topped off by a b-e-a-utiful evening!

Mr Watson

Me and some chums went down to the Cavern to see Lewis Watson play. None of us were massive fans, but I like his music and we thought it would be a fun night out. There were some crazy screaming fans there though, they literally knew every word to every song. I don't know whether you would feel flattered or freaked out. It was such a beaut evening, and the support acts were both awesome [especially Mr Frank Hamilton]. It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of exams and I am now looking forward to not doing a lot over the next few days.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 16 June 2013


So, we kind of wanted nice weather today for our Church Family Fun Day and it didn't really happen - oh dear! I think It's a shame because they had put a lot of work into planning it, and then they had to end up cancelling most of it. We still had a yummy BBQ though, and then had fun playing volleyball in the gym!

Doesn't he look cheerful

Since we got back from that I've just been chilling with my kitty-cat and attempting to revise. This had definitely been the hardest exam to revise for because I've only had 3 days [not even that] and it's the last one so I feel like they should just be done by now. I can safely say that 11:30 tomorrow could not come any sooner! I'm looking forward to celebrating in the evening, and it's also almost my birthday! Exciting times ahead in the next few weeks.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Today should have been a very focused revision day but it didn't really happen. I'm just too good at procrastinating.

I spent quite a large chunk of the afternoon playing around with my hair, which is such a past-time for me. When I was younger I used to have one of those doll heads that you could play with, except I decided to cut her hair and it ended up being too short. Some of my Barbies came to the same fate as well. I'm pretty sure I was convinced I was going to be a hairdresser when I grew up...not too sure about that now.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 14 June 2013


So after saying I wanted to get back into running, I've sat here today an eaten a load of crap.

After a long, and pretty nerve-racking exam I came home and all I wanted to do was eat. So I came back and cooked myself a pizza. Then this evening all we've done is sit here and eat sweets. I am feeling very unhealthy, especially as mum and dad are on diets. However I think I deserve it after today.

Until tommorow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 13 June 2013


I got to the point this evening where I knew I just wasn't going to do any more revision, and I would just sit here stressing. So I decided to go for a run!

It is a little bit annoying that after a cold day of patchy rain, the sun decides to come out in the evening. I'm not complaining, I just wish it was a little bit warmer again. I think over these next few weeks, to keep myself occupied after exams I'm going to try and start running more. Usually for me it is bit of a spur of the moment thing and I just go when I want to. But I think I'm going to try and make it a bit more structured, build my fitness up a bit. I have to admit, the main thing I love about running is sticking on my ipod and enjoying lovely evenings like today. I'm not looking to run a marathon.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I think not showering until 4:30pm shows that l had a very productive day...or not.

He seems more keen than me

The worst thing about revising at home is that Watson comes in and distracts me. I worked out that today he has spent around 10 hours sleeping on my bed, and the rest was probably spent eating. Fair enough the weather's turned a bit sour, but that is just ridiculous. I worry that after exams that will how my days go too. I could quite easily sleep the summer away! On another note, I did actually get some decent revision done and it seems I am finally understanding some of the topics (just 2 years too late).

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Yesterday was full of internet problems and it's sad to think how much it disrupted my day.

Such good lighting in my room

However it did not ruin what had been a very good day. Some successful shopping for my birthday outfit, and other bits and bobs purchased too. Then a skype with Matt and finishing off my Monday with Made in Chelsea. It's literally the best programme right now, and it's so bad how I get sucked into the story lines. I'm also currently watching the first 2 series on Netflix and it makes me miss Caggie and Hugo so much! I think I have problems.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

#71 [Memory Monday]

Back in November time, in 2011, we went to London for the day with out church youth group. It was such a crazy day as we fitted a lot of things into a short space of time.

Alex, Me and Jamie at Buckingham Palace

We set off at some ridiculous hour in the morning, and arrived in London at about 10ish. We met Jamie at Baker Street and then went on to the National History Museum. It's such a classic tourist spot and it brought back memories of going there in Year 8 with school. Of course we did the obligatory spots at Buckingham palace and walked down The Mall to Trafalgar Square. Highlight of the day had to be doing the Hokey Cokey in the middle of Trafalgar Square with quite a few people watching us like we were crazy. It was such a hilarious but manic day, trying to make sure that everyone was still there! 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

[We had issues with the internet yesterday, hence why this is late.]

Sunday, 9 June 2013


The after-math of revision, such a pretty sight.

I did do some

I've been struggling today to actually sit down and do something productive; I find it very easy to just waste time. But then I always get that feeling of "I really should be doing something, but I just can't bring myself to do it". Laziness basically. If I put it into perspective, this is the last week I will do any hard work for the next 14 weeks, at least, so I should really be giving it my all. However that thought does not seem to be motivation enough.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Late night creativity!

After getting back from watching BGT and a bbq round our friends house I soon remembered that I hadn't finished sorting my birthday invitations. Not something I've done in the last few years, and many other birthday events have just been organised over Facebook, but we thought it would be nice to do proper invites. I think having a physical invite means you can clearly give people all the details and they have a note of it. Also you can make them look nice. [However my cutting wasn't really on top form at 11 o'clock]. I'm glad they all done and ready to be handed out tomorrow, and now I can go and enjoy some shut-eye.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 7 June 2013


Today was an end of an era, leavers day - where have the last two years gone?

Yearbook, Tutor Group photo, Cake and Flowers from Jan

I can still remember my very first day, knowing hardly anyone and feeling pretty scared. Which now seems very strange to me as I now feel like I know it so well. You always see those people on your first week somewhere knew and think "they look like they know what they are doing" and it is very odd to now be one of those people. 

As the college is so big we don't have a proper leavers do or anything, but our department for the last 3 years have started doing a 'leavers assembly' type thing. My tutor, Jan, had put the whole thing together and it was lovely. A couple of speeches from the important people, and then we all set-off some balloons which we had written our aspirations on. How ironic when half of them got caught in a near-by tree - metaphorical possibly? We then went back inside for cake, always a must! It was really nice as well to see everyone looking through the yearbook, which I have probably put more time into than I have revision recently. Jan also nicely embarrassed me in front of everyone by giving me flowers as a thank you for doing it. 

It was just a really nice way to round-off two very enjoyable years, I almost feel a little bit sad to be closing this chapter of my life. But definitely excited to move on to the next one.
[Just 2 exams to go!] 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Cheeky late night purchase.

ASOS Tiny Beenie

Rebecca is nicely modelling my new hat from ASOS. Seeing as the weather is so lovely at the moment it seems a bit silly, but it is for camping purposes. I'm usually quite good when we are camping; last year I got up at 5:30 just so I could have a warm shower. But I thought if I wanted to be lazy and not bother with looking nice, I could just pop this on. If not, I'll make Matt wear it because I love it when guys wear hats.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


A productive and fun day!

Getting up for the early train is not something I look forward to, but I managed to do it and made it in to college for my only lesson of the day. To then find out that there was only 5 of us and our teacher would be leaving after 55 minutes, was not the best news in the world. However it meant that I could get an earlier train back, and I got back and cracked on with work! Trying to make Strict Liability interesting and easy to remember is no mean feat, but I tried and was pretty successful. I then treated myself by sitting out in the garden listening to Radio 1, whilst reading a text book, of course. And then went into town to meet the girls for an ice cream and enjoyed a nice catch-up in the sunshine. A most pleasant afternoon, working on my tan and I got this cute snap of Lucinda. Aint she perrrty.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


For anyone in the UK right now I think you will agree with me when I say that I am still shocked to see the sun still with us, and a beautiful weather forecast for the rest of the week!

I haven't really done a lot today, I just briefly took this photo on my phone earlier when I went out in the garden. It's so strange how the weather can change everyone's moods instantly. I find it so much easier getting up and being in a good mind-set when the sun is shinning. It also makes me happy to know that over in Capetown, Matt and the other FPs are now complaining that it's cold, as it's been raining over there! I think we've traded weather with them. I'm really hoping this weather sticks around long enough for my birthday, as the fam has done such a good job of making it look nice.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 3 June 2013

#64 [Memory Monday]

One thing my school used to do is end of year trips for the tutor group who had earned the most points throughout the year for doing good things. And of course our tutor being the best, we went quite a few times.

This spectacular picture was taken on our last year trip to Crealy, where we really felt a little too old to be there, but still had a fab time! I remember texting my mum and telling her I was going to buy this overly-priced picture of us with the last of my money, but now I look back and think it was definitely worth it. Such a good day.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Sunday, 2 June 2013


I think this may get a bit repetitive, but what a lovely day spent in the sun again!

Starting off the day with a really good church service, we then had a walked planned for the afternoon. I wasn't that keen on going as I felt like I needed to just do some last minute swatting before my exam tomorrow. However it was just too nice to stay inside, so off we all went to a the woods. We then went back to the Amey's for a lovely BBQ, where I managed to consume 4 hot dogs, lots of salad and pudding. Apparently my appetite is back with a vengeance! It was a lovely relaxing day, and I am now attempting to get back into some sort of routine for this last week of lessons.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Another lovely sunny day - it almost feels like it's here to stay!

Me and my boy

After a fairly quiet day at work it was nice to come home and see everyone out in the garden. We've, by which I mean they've, been trying to tidy up the garden so that it looks good for my birthday BBQ in just 30 days - woohoo! Gardening is something I think you learn to appreciate when you get a bit older; I can understand wanting the garden to look nice, but I just don't have the interest/effort to help. I do really appreciate them making it look nice though.

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x