Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Something I learned today: always check you have a key with you when the rest of your family are out of the house and you want to get in it! I of course had to occupy myself, so I did what I know best, spend money that shouldn't be spent by going on a charity shop hunt and then to Costa!

I found some lovely things, which I look forward to styling over the next few weeks. And the magazines will be appreciated when I'm on my lunch break tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Thursday, 17 October 2013


There is noting I like more than coming home to a warm house, with food cooked by my wonderful mother, getting changed into something super comfy and relaxing. My evenings may not consist of anything interesting, but I like having those few hours to just chill.

Part of that obviously includes buying lots of new p-js, jumpers and slippers [mine need to be replaces] which is something I have yet to do, but look forward to over the next few weeks!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Last night Phoebe and I went to see Everything Everything in Bristol and it was great!

The support acts were a bit weird, and the crowd wasn't as up for it as I expected, but the band were on top form! Dan is an insane singer, and gets extra credit seeing as he had lost his voice a few days before! Getting out of Bristol was a tad tricky, but we succeeded and made it home safely!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 14 October 2013


My typical train journey...

Music in, heading bopping.

I think the thing that has put me off posting photos/has made it harder over the last month or so is that I decided to do this faff-y writing bit, which I do like to do, but it's got to the point where it just takes up too much time. So from now on I am going to try and remember that it is a photo that I am uploading everyday, not an essay. 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Friday, 11 October 2013


Today has felt very autumnal for me (layers and red lipstick included) and the weather is certainly proving to be a match for it. My favourite mornings are the ones where it is completely clear and really chilly and it's certainly getting that way! I enjoyed my day off by staying in bed for the morning and then catching up with Lauren in the afternoon - it was great! Then followed a pretty crazy evening down at our church's youth group with about 60 (very energetic) youth! It was a lot of fun, as we painted nails and listened to music. Something else I've also got back into today is listening to the radio, and having it on my phone is so handy. Definitely going to be doing that on my commutes to work from now on. 

Autumn Days

Gets those tunes on!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


So once again I have failed on the 'post everyday' thing seeing as this last week has had hardly any posts - I was doing so well.
Basically, I started my job last Wednesday and that was a real shock to the system. Having to get up and do a 9 hour day of work from Wednesday to Saturday was hard, but I am finally getting used to it. I kind of feel like I've lost my life a little bit, as I get back at 7, eat my tea and then pretty much go to bed. So time for posting just hasn't occured, but hopefully I will give a little time at the end of my day to post a picture from now on. Yesterday was a pretty manic day, having work from 9-6 and then going straight to Yeovil to see Bastille - it was awesome though.

Dan Smith!

Me and Phoebe

When we booked the tickets it felt like forever away, but it went really quick and we weren't very organised. However we got there and had such an awesome time. They were never my number one band to see at a gig, but they were really good live and Dan is an incredible singer. I'm now super excited to see Everything everything next week in Bristol!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Monday, 7 October 2013


The first day we got Watson, Rosie came round and took some photos. It's funny looking back and seeing how small he was compared to now!

Love at fur-st sight. [see what I did there.]

He was such a cute kitten, just wish he could have stayed that small a little longer! 

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


It is so hard to sum up today in one word but I think out of everything it has to be...tiring! It was literally the first full day of being awake and on my feet for about 3 months. Even then I don't think I've ever been on my feet that long. I got home and just ached. Besides that though it was quite an enjoyable day! Obviously nerve-wracking and a bit daunting with everything your doing and everyone your meeting is new, but I think I got the hang of the basics by the end. My favourite part of the day though was, of course, getting to wear the prestigious lanyard!

And now I am just ready for bed. I got home at 7:00, quickly ate and then had the peeps round since 7:30 so it's been a long day! I've only had one day at work and I'm already looking forward to Sunday!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Another day of just relaxing, and actually probably the last proper one for a while! Tomorrow marks my first day working for Next and actually getting off my bum and doing something. I'm looking forward to it, a little nervous but I'll be fine once I am there. Today I just enjoyed watching some Gilmore Girls and learning some more songs on the Keyboard.

The keyboard is old and grubby!

I really enjoy finding a song I like and having a play around. Considering I can't play any other musical instruments [a recorder does not count] I think I sound okay!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x