Wednesday, 9 October 2013


So once again I have failed on the 'post everyday' thing seeing as this last week has had hardly any posts - I was doing so well.
Basically, I started my job last Wednesday and that was a real shock to the system. Having to get up and do a 9 hour day of work from Wednesday to Saturday was hard, but I am finally getting used to it. I kind of feel like I've lost my life a little bit, as I get back at 7, eat my tea and then pretty much go to bed. So time for posting just hasn't occured, but hopefully I will give a little time at the end of my day to post a picture from now on. Yesterday was a pretty manic day, having work from 9-6 and then going straight to Yeovil to see Bastille - it was awesome though.

Dan Smith!

Me and Phoebe

When we booked the tickets it felt like forever away, but it went really quick and we weren't very organised. However we got there and had such an awesome time. They were never my number one band to see at a gig, but they were really good live and Dan is an incredible singer. I'm now super excited to see Everything everything next week in Bristol!

Until tomorrow, Goodbye x

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